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How often should I have my windows cleaned?

At Chief Window Cleaning, we recommend scheduling a thorough window cleaning at least twice a year. However, the frequency can vary based on your location, weather conditions, and personal preferences.

Do I need to be home during the window cleaning service?

While it's not necessary for you to be present, we suggest arranging access to the interior of your home or business to ensure we can provide a comprehensive cleaning service.

What cleaning products does Chief Window Cleaning use, and are they environmentally friendly?

We take pride in using industry-approved, eco-friendly cleaning solutions to deliver a streak-free shine to your windows while being mindful of the environment.

Can Chief Window Cleaning clean windows in extreme weather conditions?

Our professional team is equipped to handle various weather conditions. However, in cases where safety or optimal cleaning results may be compromised, we may reschedule your service.

Do you clean window screens?

Absolutely! As part of our comprehensive service, Chief Window Cleaning ensures that your window screens are thoroughly cleaned, contributing to the overall cleanliness and appearance of your windows.

How long does a typical window cleaning service by Chief Window Cleaning take?

The duration of our service depends on factors such as the size of your property and the number of windows. We provide accurate estimates during our assessment to give you a clear understanding of the time involved.

What is Chief Window Cleaning's pricing structure?

Our pricing is based on factors like the number of windows, accessibility, and the level of cleaning required. Feel free to request a free quote, tailored to your specific needs.

Does Chief Window Cleaning offer any discounts or packages for regular cleaning services?

Yes, we value our recurring customers! Chief Window Cleaning may provide discounts for regular appointments or offer package deals for ongoing services. Inquire about our special offers for long-term commitments.

Are Chief Window Cleaning technicians insured and trained?

Absolutely. Our technicians are not only trained professionals but are also insured to ensure your peace of mind. We prioritize safety and adhere to the highest industry standards.

What should I do to prepare for a window cleaning appointment with Chief Window Cleaning?

To ensure a smooth and efficient service, we recommend clearing window sills, removing obstacles, and securing pets. For any specific guidelines, feel free to reach out to our team.

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